So Nice to Meet You! - Elko and Spring Creek Nevada Family Portrait Photographer Lindsay Syme

Meet Lindsay

Hi there and thank you so much for visiting my website!  My name is Lindsay, and like most women, I wear many different hats.  I am the wife of a fantastic fella, the mom of two busy kids, and the owner of Lindsay Syme Photography.  It is with the love and CONSTANT support from my family that I am able to live my dream each and every day!

A Few Fun Facts About Me:

Why Photography?

I remember photographs being a big part of my childhood.  Every family gathering included multiple photo opportunities where we would be chaotically coordinated into various family groupings.  I remember the occasional moan and groan as we kids did what we were told by parents or grandparents.  Now, as an adult, I am grateful beyond words that thousands of images were taken and DEVELOPED throughout my life.  These memories are so precious.  While the memories live in my heart, I feel so blessed that I can share them with my own kids.  I can look back on these times with so much affection and nostalgia.  

I believe in photography.  I believe in printing the images we so lovingly capture with our phones or cameras on a daily basis.  The digital world has left us failing to print the most special moments in our lives.  A printed photograph is tangible.  We can hold it, share it or display it in something amazing.  One of the best ways I can serve my clients is to provide them with a finished product they can treasure for years.  I love my job because I get to be a part of the most special moments in the lives of my clients.  I get to serve them in a way that will provide them with a tangible memory.  This is a gift and one of the most beautiful things I get to do every day.