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Growing Up Fast – Walthers Brothers Family Portrait

Growing Up Fast - Spring Creek Family Photography - Walthers Brothers

I will never get over the fact that time flies right on by!  I began photographing the Walthers boys when they were small.  Now, the oldest is preparing to graduate high school!  That blows my mind!  They have grown so much!  I wanted to share their recent portrait.  We were lucky enough to take an extended family portrait for the entire family so we took the opportunity to update the boys’ portrait as well.  Watching these kiddos grow up over the years has been such a joy!  A lot happens in seven years!


Walthers Brothers 2011…

They Grow So Fast - Spring Creek Family Photography - Walthers Brothers


One of the things I admire about their mom is her appreciation for photography.  She always made time to update their portraits over the years.  That can be hard to do with a house full of busy boys!  She definitely made it happen.  I know she will always treasure the photographs.  I am certain she will remember the most recent as her oldest son prepares to graduate and begin a new chapter in his life.


Stay tuned for a blog post on the portraits from the extended family session.  In the meantime, look back on some other family portraits from the Walthers family HERE.


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