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A Double Chin and Some Curves But I Did It Anyway!

A Double Chin and Some Curves But I Did It Anyway

I have a double chin and some curves but I did it anyway!  You must be wondering what?  As a photographer, I hear it all the time.  Women declare how much they want an updated family portrait but want to lose weight first.  I am the first to raise my hand because I have been saying that for years!  I have a double chin and hate to see it in images.  Let’s face it, the pounds pack on for some of us.  I’ll even let you in on a little secret.  I do update my family portraits but my poor family puts up with me as I race to check the back of my camera to see if I am ok with how I look.  The funny thing is, my family never says I look awful.  They never point out my double chin.  They never tear me apart the way I do to myself. So last summer, my double chin and I joined my family for an updated portrait that was taken by someone other than myself.

Bert Behnke is an amazing photographer from the Chicago area.  He is a Master and a Craftsman with the Professional Photographers of America and the founder of PPA Charities.  He is recognized for his artistry and his generosity.  He is absolutely amazing!  We were extremely lucky to have Bert visit us and take our family portrait.  I will admit I was nervous because of my own insecurities, but I also trusted Bert.  He captured us during the golden hour with our beloved Ruby Mountains in the background.  We actually hadn’t seen any of our images until Bert surprised us with the most amazing wall portrait during our studio reveal we won from the PPA Charities Dream Studio Giveaway 2017.  You can see more about the reveal on the following Facebook video:


This portrait is gorgeous.  It captured us exactly who we were as a family.  I love the colors and the texture and the frame.  I can’t imagine any other item on our wall that could make me this happy.  It hangs on the wall that overlooks our entire living space.  I see it when I come down the hall in the morning, I gaze at it while I eat dinner with my family, and I see it when I walk in the front door.  I absolutely love it!  My kids often tease me because I never get tired of looking at it.  I love to walk up to it and take it all in.  For me, this isn’t a portrait that gets overlooked on a day-to-day basis.  I literally gaze at it and think about the many things it represents.  It was taken at one of the most chaotic times in our lives.  But no matter how chaotic that time was, my family was the only thing that truly mattered.  I also love that the Dream Studio Team created wall art from family images I had taken as well.  This wall is very special.

Syme Family Wall Portrait - A Double Chin and Some Curves But I Did It Anyway

Time really does fly by.  I am amazed at the changes that occurred since these portraits were taken.  One year may not seem like much time but my kids have grown at rapid rates!  In one short year, my son is now taller than me and my daughter is not far behind.  The ages my kids were in these portraits marks a special time.  It was pre-teen for both of my kids and probably one of my favorite stages in their lives!  I will ALWAYS be grateful we had these precious moments created into portraits.

I will never understand why we, as women, knock ourselves so horribly.  I won’t try and say that I have stopped beating myself up or that my double chin is my best feature.  I will say, having our family portrait created by Bert last summer was something I will always be glad we did.  I can’t get that moment in time back, but I can and will always look at our family portrait and remember how truly priceless this item is.  I will always be grateful to Bert for giving us this gift!

I want to create that for YOU too!  CONTACT LINDSAY SYME PHOTOGRAPHY to update your family portrait.  Every session is tailored around your family’s interests, style, and vision for a final product.

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